Play Set Project

Here is one of many projects we have done around our home.

We don’t have a very large back yard but as most parents you want to give you children an awesome back yard.

Things to keep in mind when taking on this kind of project : Hints

  • Level space to accommodate the play set
  • Room for the children swinging on the swings
  • Surface – We installed a rubber mulch
  • Accessories don’t go over board  –  Just the major swings, slide, climbing wall, monkey bars
  • Safety – Swing chains wrapped, All edges are rounded or capped with no exposed rough or sharp edges, Decks and slide platforms that are designed to prevent a small child from falling off
  • Most play sets are freestanding with a broad leg stance, which  provides excellent stability. This also allows the option of relocating the play set if necessary
  • Wood sealer – we had to re-seal the wood almost right away with wood deck sealer we choose one with a stain

Over all we are happy with the set, our only real issue was a few damaged pieces.  It was extremely difficult to communicate with the company to get replacement parts and service.  So do some research on the installation company make sure the they have a good reputation.





The girls love it.  It has provided us with many a fun day!

I hope our project hints help with you play set choices.


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