Your Mechanic

Did you ever wonder if what your mechanic is telling you the truth or taking advantage that you may not understand what the heck he or she is talking about. Well having grown up in the business and being a woman I can tell you it happens everyday all day long.  I have always felt there is no reason “not to explain” to vehicle owner what they are getting and why.

With today’s technology people can just look up what you’re talking about, they want to know how it works & why they need it.

– lets take a for instance –

Your mechanic calls you up to tell you need something as simple as brakes there are many options that should be may available to you.

First you should have the option of original equipment OEM part.

Second  should be the best and most value for your money. A good quality brand aftermarket part. I mean you could always cheap out and opt for the lower line parts but most people are unhappy with the end results (squeaks, rattles, product life).

Third brake rotors, the mechanic should check to see if the brake rotors are machinable with a brake lathe. There is a minimum machining and a discard threshold which is different for each vehicle. If the brake rotor is below the minimum machining threshold you will then need to replace the brake rotors.

With any repair big or small your mechanic should tell you why you need the repair and how he or she came to this conclusion (don’t just through parts at the vehicle hope its correct). If your mechanic is confident and knowledgeable he should be able to explain the repair to you so that you can understand.

So never be afraid to ask questions and understand what you are paying for it is after all your money and if your mechanic is honest then he or she should have nothing to hide.

This link shows how the brake system components work.

I hope this helps with your next brake service.

Until next time

Your happy blogger



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